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SHE’S THE FIRST WOMAN ever to release three albums with first-week sales of a million units. She is also the first artist since The Beatles to achieve more than six weeks at no.1 with three consecutive studio albums. Her album 1989 was the top-selling record in the US in 2014. She single-handedly forced Apple into a U-turn over its policy not to pay artists included in the trial version of its new streaming service. 150 million albums, 66 million Twitter followers, 73 million Facebook likes, seven Grammies and 16 American Music Awards later, Taylor Swift is popular music’s most powerful force.

In recognition of the 26-year-old singer-songwriter’s achievements, this new website is dedicated to her best ever quotes from all her newspaper articles, stories and interviews, which we have turned into a must-have new app for all Swifties. Her fans will be both entertained and inspired by this collection of her words, which unfold like the lyrics to her life. Alongside this we have also produced a series of original news articles, stories and information on Taylor Swift. They shine a spotlight on different aspects of her life and work, from the stalkers who trail her, to the things Swifties Google about her every day.

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